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Using Offline Marketing

Online marketing is a huge part of growing your practice. It allows you to have a large reach to new patients as well as keeping in touch quicker and easier with current patients. Online marketing isn’t the only way you can connect with your patients, new or current. You can also use offline marketing to gain those patients and keep your current ones close. Here are a few options.

Direct Mailing. This is an old and easy way to connect with new patients. It allows you to target a specific area and send letters their way. Direct mail can also be a better option than email for a few reasons as well. It is more personal than a generic email and it puts something in the hands of your potential patients.

Local Media. Using local magazines and newspapers is not only a great way to get your name out in your area but it’s a great way to be a bigger part of your community.

Community Events. Making your practice known in the community is a huge part in gaining trust with potential patients. Involving yourself in community events, whether it be sponsoring a local sports team, handing out flyers at a local fundraiser or having you and your practice do volunteer work, getting your practice name out in the community is a great way to be seen. CXC Dental even specializes in much more structured events through our Novertising campaigns. Ask us about it today!