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Hello, it’s me, your Branding! Get to know your visual branding, tone of voice, and niche with our Practice Branding feature. The best tool you can have when venturing out into the online world is your branding kit and the basics consist of: your logo, your bio or short description, color palette, and tone of voice. Build your website and social media presence with this feature. Remember, consistency is the key!


Now that we’ve helped you create a strong online presence with consistent branding, it’s time to have your audiences familiarize your branding. The more familiarity, the more comfort. Audiences often spot those that stand out and stick with what’s easy for them to recognize.
Practice Branding Benefits


Competitors Analysis

Competitors. Nobody wants to see how they’re doing so much better (at least for now.) But why they’re doing well is a vital thing for us to analyze.

Kit Building

Kit Building

You’ve got everything you need! Let’s start with the basics before we move forward: your logo, assets, color palette, and your tone of voice. Now go and make magic!



It’s time to make your grand entrance! Integrate your branding kit and points from your competitors to effectively build your brand.

Why CXC Dental


We mean business when it comes to attracting prospective clients. You want to have something that is dynamic, professional, and inclusive. CXC Dental is dedicated to creating your Custom Website Design while optimizing your SEO, Social Media presence, and branding—a dental website that will catch the eye of patients old and new.

Our professional designs cater to your individual needs and allows your website to be a compelling extension of your business rather than a bland and boring page.

CXC Dental’s goal is to provide you with a website that is both functional and appealing so you can create a strong and warm community of current patients and welcome new ones.


Believe or not, visuals and colors play a very important role in your overall branding. It’s best to stick to one color scheme and/or use complementing colors.
Your logo is as important as flossing. Stick to one logo throughout your social media/website journey to boost brand awareness and familiarity.
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Our staff will do a free audit and explain what's driving your rank (or lack thereof) and what has to be done to correct it.
We will also provide you a monthly or weekly assessment of your insights and monitored activity across platforms.

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