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Making Videos For Your Practice

A lot of dental practices create video content about education, new technology, and about their office and its staff. These videos aren’t meant to get millions of views on them but you as a practice will want more than just your staff to see the videos. CXC Dental can help with these videos and here are a couple of ways that you can help make your videos stand out so that you can get more eyes on your practice.

  1. Figure out what you want from the videos. It’s important to sit down and really flesh out your ideas for the video. It isn’t enough just to have the camera and the information. Think about why you are making the video in the first place and what you want to gain from it. Do you want new leads? More patients? Educate patients? Decide what you want out of it before proceeding with the creation of it or you won’t achieve the success that you’re looking for. Another important factor in this is who represents your practice in the video. Should you hire a professional actor? Or will you use your staff to give it a more intimate feeling?
  2. Production matters. If you want to catch the eye of more than just your staff you will need high quality work. Of course you don’t need to spend millions of dollars on high-tech equipment but you will want something that looks sleek and professional that includes everything from the camera work to the editing, lighting, etc.
  3. Think about who your patients are. When you create your video you have to think about what makes up most of your patients and what they care about. If your patients are mainly young families your video is going to look different than if your main patient base is mainly business professionals. After you figure that out you can cater to your main patient base.