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Improving Your Homepage

Your website is the best way to show current and potential patients your brand. It is an extension of your office and how you do business. Having a homepage that jumps out is an important part of that. Here are a few ways to improve your homepage, all of which CXC Dental can help you with!

  1. Make sure you have a call to action. It is important to give website visitors something specific that you want from them. So if you want to gain more patients you might want to put a “Call us now for an appointment” call to action on your homepage. You could also put new patients specials, promotions and events as a call to action on your homepage.
  2. Have images and video. A text heavy homepage is a lot to handle, you want to save the information for specific pages, the homepage should be slick and clean. You want to have nice visuals that will draw people in and give new patients an idea of what your brand is from the videos and pictures that you have displayed on your homepage.
  3. Make it responsive. We have talked about this time and time again but having a mobile friendly website is becoming so important. In fact in 2016 the mobile usage will surpass usage on a desktop so you want to make sure that your homepage is easy to navigate no matter where your patients and potential patients are looking at it.