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Importance of Appreciation

There are many things that create a successful dental practice. The dentist, the staff and most importantly the patients. Without happy, loyal patients your practice cannot succeed. Which is why it is so important to show those patients appreciation. Research has shown that a practice that has an orchestrated consumer experience is an important step in creating a lasting practice and a great patient and practice relationship. Here are a few ways you can show your patients that you appreciate them and how CXC Dental can help!

When you are meeting with a patient make it a priority to make them happy. Listening to their concerns and making sure that they feel like they are well taken care of will go a long way when it comes to patient loyalty. When they know that you care the feeling becomes mutal.

Consider creating a patient appreciation day. This can be done once a year or once every quarter. This is a day just to remind your patients how much they mean to you and your practice. Hand out gift cards, gift bags, have a raffle and really go all out. You can have it be an all day thing or have it take up a few hours one afternoon.

This last one is simple: Ask their opinion. This one benefits both of you. If you ask your patients for feedback, ask them what they like and what they don’t like, etc they will see that their opinion is valued by you. This helps you because you are learning how to better yourself and your practice and the patient can see how important they are to keeping your practice going.

All of these have benefits for your practice and your patients. Showing your appreciation allows the patient to see how much you really do care and this could lead to referrals and more importantly patient loyalty.