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Community Outreach and the Difference it Makes

One of the most important things as a Dental Practice is to have a positive image within your community. This leads to better referrals, more people knowing your practice and ultimately more new patients. There are many things that you can do to get your name out there and being good at what you do and having a nice, supportive staff can help get and maintain a positive image in your community. Another way to gain that positive image is through community outreach.

Community outreach has a lot of different meanings. It could simply mean sending out a neighborhood newsletter so that you can engage with the community around you. A neighborhood newsletter could entail educational materials, promotions and discounts for your practice or could provide updates about your practice and the community.

Another version of community outreach can be through community events. It is very important to get your dental practice out there through different community activities. This could include sponsoring a little league team, hosting neighborhood celebrations or hosting events within your practice. It can also include doing community service. Showing that you are willing to give back to your community as well as help it grow is so important in maintaining a positive image. Beyond that you are getting the opportunity to talk with potential new clients in a relaxed environment and that is very valuable.

Community outreach is not an easy thing to do though and sometimes you will put in a lot of work but won’t see a lot of the gain. CXC Dental has a program that will make sure your hard work is not for nothing, and help you achieve your new patient intake goals as well as helping you create that positive image within your community.