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Common Website Mistakes

It’s very rare anymore to have patients that don’t use the internet in one way or another. Because of this websites have become very important when it comes to gaining new patients and keeping current patients. Here are a few common mistakes that get made when creating your website that CXC can help you avoid.

  1. Using old design methods. Because the internet has become used so much by so many people those people are much more savvy to what an outdated website looks like. A lot of people will write you off simply because of that. It makes you look “behind the times” and unable to keep up with change. You want to make sure that your website is professional, modern and custom. Your own flavor on it will help establish your brand while the modern aspect will keep you looking up-to-date.
  2. Not having responsive websites for mobile. People love the internet because they are on the go and they can use it from anywhere now, this includes their smart phones. You want to make sure that you have a website that is compatible on many different screens, a desktop, tablet, smart phone, etc. Responsive websites give you that luxury so that your patients can look you up on the web using any form as well as making it easy for new patients to navigate your website even on their iphones.
  3. Having a hard to navigate website. You want your website to flow seamlessly for anyone that needs to look at it. Everyone from the college kid to that kids grandmother should be able to look at your website and figure out how to navigate it. You can make this easier by having a good website flow as well as a great navigation bar that gives specific and easy options.