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CXC’s Novertising Marketing Program increases patient referrals and grows practice revenue by differentiating physicians from other businesses in their community. Unlike traditional advertising which is expensive and redundant, Novertising promotes the positive things that you do to help your community.

CXC utilizes all of the available electronic and social media capabilities to promote a practice, but then goes above and beyond traditional advertising by scheduling Novertising events that build a positive perception of the physician and the practice.

Our expert staff then helps you gather attention and exposure for these events from the traditional advertising sources like TV, radio, the web and the press. These media outlets are now promoting you as a leader in your community, which delivers a much greater ROI than traditional advertising.

Novertising Program Overview

In order to survive the recession, dentists need to continue obtaining new patients but at the same time cut their traditional dental advertising overhead. To do this, dentists need to be active in their local community by organizing and sponsoring events. Being more involved in their community and surrounding areas, dentists establish credibility and trust within their community. Dentists need to utilize the current economic situation to their advantage by exploring non-traditional alternatives to new patient marketing and the most logical and cost effective alternative is a Novertising Program.  Dentists can make themselves “known” and more “visible” to members of their community by sponsoring “loss leader” events which will endear them to members of their community and possibly get their event covered by the local media. Media exposure with no advertising cost is far more effective because it’s honest and gives people a humanistic perspective of the dentist and his practice.

Program Benefits

  • Makes doctors unforgettable in the public’s eye
  • Free 3rdparty endorsements from influential community leaders
  • Doctor gets free publicity – which is more powerful, honest and lasts longer than advertising
  • Free media exposure on TV, Radio and Newspapers
  • Cost less to implement
  • Doctor stands out from his competition
  • Higher quality patients
  • Higher ROI
  • Doubles production and new patient numbers within 6 to 12 months

Cost-Effective Dental Practice Marketing

  • Turn-key Infrastructure that will keep working month after month
  • SEO / social media component included with full program package
  • Attracts quality new patients
  • Obtain media exposure for free
  • Get patient referrals from other doctors
  • Strategic marketing initiative with an extensive understanding of best practices in new patient generation, conversion, and retention.


Automate Your Patient Building Process


Specialists Research Your Practice


Consistent Branding


Build an Incredible Strategy


Target a Specific Demographic


Obtain FREE Publicity


Increase Visibility & Patient Referrals


Stand Out From Your Competition


Be Remembered in Your Community


Why Novertising?

Most dentists will probably suspend any type of marketing effort to cut down on spending. Big mistake. I assure you that the one who increases their marketing budget and kicks up their strategy a few notches will bring in more new patients, now and when the economy recovers. Changing gears and implementing a marketing program which targets your community is one way to help put your name and the name of your dental practice in the minds of the people in your community and surrounding areas.

The Novertising Program is designed to help you organize public service events that are geared to help those in your community that are less fortunate or have been affected the most by the downturn in this economy. These events are 100 percent sponsored by the doctor to benefit not just the people in the community but organizations such as the Salvation Army, Children’s Cancer Center, Toys for Tots,  Red Cross or the local soup kitchen just to name a few. Once your event is ready to launch, we will help contact the community administrators and civic leaders in your area and inform them of your event as well as send out press announcements about the event to the local media.

Prices vary based on programs selected. Contact us today and start contributing to the community and adding new patients at the same time.

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