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Referral Marketing

There are a lot of different types of marketing out there, and each one can work. Studies have shown that referral marketing is one of the best forms of marketing out there. The main thing to remember about referral marketing is that YOU make it happen. Encourage your existing customers to tell their friends about your office through an incentive program has been shown to be incredibly effective. You can make the most of your happy customers with a referral program. Here’s some things to keep in mind about referral marketing.

  1. Trust. This is the biggest factor in referral marketing. When it comes to a dentist people want someone they can trust and when they’re looking for someone new they will trust a friends opinion above an ad. In fact in a Neilson Trust Study showed that in 2013 84% of people said that they trust the recommendations of people they know over any other form of advertising. This isn’t just through friends this also means through customer reviews, bloggers and testimonials among other things.
  2. Loyalty. The customers that you get through referrals have a 16% higher life-time value. The customers that are referred to your office are going to be more reliable as clients because the people referring them feel like they would be a good fit for your office.
  3. Ask. According to Texas Tech 83% of happy customers want to refer a product or service but on 29% actually do. The easy way to fix that deficit is by a simple “please and thank you”. Asking your satisfied customers to refer you is an easy way for you to make sure that you’re getting the word out there. You can do this simply by asking and giving nothing in return. Or you can use an incentive program, giving cash or other services in exchange for the referrals. A Chicago study showed that non-cash incentives were 24% more effective at boosting performance.