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Politics Joining The Tv World

2013 was a harbinger for data TV ads for numerous campaigns. It’s evident that in the past years you can easily say that TV ads may not be too scarce when it comes to your favorite liquor like it is when it comes to your president. Rarely do we ever see TV Ads for politics unless voting is right around the corner. However, 2013 changed that. Firms have target the low percentile of need marketing for those already in office, because we all know it’s all about advertising when it’s a race to office. With that said the firm handling the Obama for America campaign has since then tripled their political clientele.

We all know that every field has its own necessary appropriate amount of limelight that should be provided by marketing like for instance McDonalds has its necessity of abundant TV advertisements that remind me why the obesity rate has increased, while the hospital down the street can’t be recalled ever been seen broadcasting its own commercial. Politics can be tricky, marketing firms are on their toes when it comes to the next tactic for the next campaign so it’s obvious that each commercial is limited and carefully released, but with the new surprising statistics politics has joined the fun in the TV world and definitely showing us that the next seat in office is going to be broadcasted right after these following messages.