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Marketing Like A Marketer

1.  Social marketing rules of engagement

One of the top subjects that marketers cared about was the rules of social engagement. How do you engage with your customers and prospects? What should you post and how often should you post it? We got a ton of amazing insights from our attendees.

2.  Measure and iterate

Another hot topic on the minds of our customers was measuring social. How do you measure social engagement and iterate your strategy based on the results? Many marketers were looking to go beyond the basics of merely posting on Facebook and wanted to move towards a more measurable strategy.

3. Generate social lift

Social is all about a 2 way conversation with your followers. How do you generate a social lift that goes beyond a Facebook “Like”? Our customers weigh in on how they are engaging their social communities each day.

4. Social marketing words of wisdom

There is nothing better than advice about social marketing from REAL social marketers.

5. Content is king!

You need to content to really make your social presence sing. But how do you do it? And what sort of content you should promote The best way to start creating content is to learn from others.

6. Social is a group effort

And last, but not least, everyone felt very strongly that social was a group effort. You can’t silo your social strategy in the marketing team alone, you need the entire organization’s buy-in and involvement. You also need help from your customer evangelists!