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Leadership Through Delegation

1. Share leadership through delegation.

Leaders who share leadership & delegate acknowledge the competence, commitment, and confidence of their subordinates and allow them the autonomy necessary to complete their tasks. These leaders empower their skilled subordinates to manage their own performance, especially since the subordinates have vested interests in successful task completion.

2. Establish and promote organizational learning.

The 21st century organization must be a learning organization that partners effectively with stakeholders.  Innovative leaders within learning organizations are more adaptable in recognizing the skills needs of their stakeholders, and they provide opportunities to create learning events (acquiring new skills, remediating gaps in knowledge, conveying information and knowledge internally and externally, and more). Leaders within learning organizations concentrate on obtaining knowledge, distributing knowledge across the enterprise, and applying knowledge to achieve organizational goals. This can only be accomplished in an environment in which leaders believe in creating “knowledge for action” and not ‘knowledge for its own sake.”

3. Manage diversity.

True diversity can only be accomplished when innovative leaders look across their enterprises to identify & engage employees with diverse talents, skills, and abilities – not to mention diverse gender, race and sexual orientation classification. The slowdown in population and labor force growth throughout the developed world will intensify the need to take advantage of different sources of international labor from the less developed world.

Change is one of the most uncomfortable events in business, and in life. Nothing remains the same…at least nothing that expects to grow. Innovative leaders must participate in the organizational evolution process so that their enterprises can respond to the ever-changing demands of their industries and markets.