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Human Talent Over Data

Over the years, many agencies let data drive the campaign, which makes digital marketing seem like a sure thing. Butrisk is based on reality, not reports. It’s subjective, and data alone won’t measure it. Data alone can’t make strategy, because customers aren’t algorithms. They’re people, and they’re not always predictable.

When we push data first, we marginalize talent — your talent and mine. We ignore the fact that all the data points in the world will never replace the consumer insight of a great CMO, his team and his agencies.

Paralysis by analysis kills the creative process. Creativity must take us beyond the data, not to it. When we become hyper-focused on data, we become handcuffed to client reports, and we give up our creative freedom that can captivate the hearts and wallets of consumers. Marketing is much more than a numbers game.

Although I love data, all the spreadsheets in the world won’t ensure your company’s future. Sure, data is the ingredient we’ve always been missing, but when we put spreadsheets before people or big ideas — we fail at marketing.