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Even On a Budget,You Can Still Offer Value

Once you build a Web site you must give them a reason to come. A Web site is a passive form of marketing: providing a signboard which points visitors to your products and services.  tried-and-true marketing approach is to offer something of value for free. A number of well-financed corporate Web sites offer an entertaining fare which changes constantly.

While most small business Web marketers can’t afford to compete, you can afford to offer valuable information. If you take the time to provide up-to-date information about your industry, for example, you’ll find people returning again and again to your site, each time increasing their chances of doing business with you. If people believe they can find out more about your products or services by looking on-line, many will do so.

If you use most or all of these forms of marketing, the chances are that two years from now you’ll be bragging about your foresight in developing a Web site when you did, rather than trashing Web marketing as just another fad where you threw good money after bad.