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Attracting Customers To Your Website

Q: It seems harder these days to hang on to clients. What can a small business do to get new customers while on a tight budget? 

A:  Being different compared to other common tactics get the job done.

That said, there is no shortage of clever, inexpensive ways to drum up new business. Here are my top eight ways to get new customers.

1. Try a new marketing technique:

At CXC Dentist we try and keep our marketing techniques consistently fresh.

If you try something new, you will reach new people, and that increases your chances that someone new will check you out.

Print a flyer. Create a coupon. Have a sale. Start a direct-marketing campaign. There are many powerful marketing ideas that will generate more business.


2. Launch or offer a new product: Again, the idea is the same – if you keep doing the same thing, offering the same old products (and marketing them the same old way) it is the same group of clientele you will attract.

The trick is to get different people to check out your business. Offering a different product, or product line, and letting people know about it, does that.


3. Get more clicks: While you can’t man the business 24/7, your URL can. Whether yours is a fully-empowered e-commerce site, the secret to converting that Web site into money is all in the numbers. The more people who visit, the more purchases may occur.

The good news is that getting more people to your Web site is actually a fairly easy thing to do.


4. Launch a PR campaign: Advertising is great and can lead to new customers. The problem is that it is inherently biased; it is you tooting your own horn.

Far better: Have someone else hype your business for you. That is where public relations comes in.

By getting a TV or a radio station, or a newspaper or magazine, to do a story on your business creates immediate third-party, trustworthy, validation of your business. That you can use that story again and again is icing on the cake.


5. Ask for referrals:.

Creating an incentive referral program is simple and it can yield great results. The key is to give people a reason to refer business to you (aside from being a fine establishment) and to thank them for doing so. People like to be appreciated.


6. Smile and dial: Sometimes new business is simply a matter of prospecting. Whether it is making cold calls or sending out proposals, every so often you just gotta do it. Do some search engine research, get a list of potential leads, and get to it.

The important things I have learned when prospecting are two-fold:

  • 1. Don’t take “no” personally.
  • 2. Remember, it’s a numbers game. Keep on going!


7. Revamp your Web site: Did you know that 80% of Americans now spend as much time online as they do in front of the television? That means that you have to have a top-notch site.


8. Get (social) networking: More and more, people are going online to check out and chat about business choices. Indeed, according to a poll I just read of “active Internet users”:

  • 72% of respondents checked out a company’s reputation on chat boards before buying.
  • 74% based their buying decisions, at least partially, on what they read.
  • 81% thought that blogs, online rating systems and discussion boards gave them valuable feedback.

What this means is that you have to nurture your online reputation.

The upshot of this all is that new tricks create new customers.