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Opportunities for new data will keep rolling in for marketers this new-year. Mobile ad campaigns will start to leverage comprehensive analytics to hyper-target existing customers in real-time and identify avenues to connect marketers with their next customers on their most trusted device.

In 2014, brands will utilize location-based data harnessed from consumers checking into their favorite retail store or restaurant and social logins on mobile devices. Location data allows marketers to take personalization to a brand new level. Alongside data already gained from a consumer’s online behavior, brands can send targeted ads as a consumer gets closer in proximity to the physical store they have already expressed interest in. More and more consumers are turning to mobile devices as their primary screen, creating that much more data marketers can use. New capabilities to locate a customer and deliver content depending on their proximity will prove invaluable to marketers in the years to come. However, with all these additional avenues coming online, the complexity of ad buying can seem muddled if marketers are not using the ideal tools.