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Accelerate Your Success Rate

  • Highlight your best asset. Your business may be great at a number of things, but if you’re like most businesses, it can truly be the best in one area. To differentiate yourself and poise your business for growth, it’s important to refine your brand message to emphasize your best asset.
  • Put yourself in your lender’s shoes. You may have plans for what you want your business to look like years into the future. This is great to tell your business partners and customers, but when you’re pitching sources of capital, they want to hear about your business’s potential for return on investment right now.
  • Focus on established revenue sources. Rather than trying to acquire new customers, direct your attention to the core customers you already have. You can do this by implementing a referral or customer loyalty program, or trying out marketing strategies based on previous purchase behaviors to encourage repeat business.
  • Make sales your top priority. As the company founder or leader, you are the person who can best sell your business to customers. Reilly said that his company used to outsource its sales force, but he quickly discovered that his customers preferred talking to the founders rather than a salesperson. Adjust your workflow to prioritize selling in-house, since sales are what keep your business going and growing.