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What Will The New Year Bring?

The time has come, soon to be 2015. You’ve likely considered a number of resolutions you want to follow through with in the New Year. Maybe it’s to spend more time with family, or run more on the weekends, or try to cut pizza and other greasy foods out of your diet for a while (that’s one of mine — I doubt it’ll last long, but I digress).

So take the time to crunch the numbers, discover what is and isn’t already working for you, modify your campaigns accordingly, and 2015 is bound to be just as — if not more — successful than 2014.

1) Focus on Mobile

2015 is going to be all about mobile. As of February 2014, there were 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions, the International Telecommunication Union reported.  Now, just imagine how much that figure has grown since then.

Smartphone’s and tablets are increasing in popularity by the day and we don’t just mean in terms of sales. Consumers are using mobile devices more and more to conduct transactions, research brands, visit their favorite sites, and read and reply to emails.

So, if you’re still under the impression that it’s absolutely fine not to worry about optimizing your email campaigns and websites for mobile, it’s time to modernize and make some headway in improving your mobile presence.

2) Responsive Websites

While we’re on the topic of mobile, this is as good a time as any to talk about responsive design.

Making the look and functionality of your site the same on both desktops and mobile devices can go a long way in bringing in new visitors and leads and bettering your bottom line and with 17% of global web traffic coming from mobile, as Statista reports, you’ll want to make your site is completely optimized for smartphone’s and tablets.

Given how relatively new the concept of responsive design is, we totally get it if you’re not up to speed on exactly how to get your site fixed up properly.

3) Content Strategy

Speaking of content, it’s only going to become more important over the course of 2014, given Google’s assertion that quality content will gradually have a bigger impact on SEO.

Because of this, it may be smart to evaluate a variety of types of content that could work for your inbound campaigns. You can determine what’s best for your efforts in several ways — chiefly, going over your analytic from the past several months and engaging in continual A/B testing. This post will help you get started with the former, and this one, the latter.

If you’re planning on taking on a bunch of content types and need some help organizing and structuring them, these numerous templates can come in handy.

4) Strategize your social media and email strategies as needed

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram — these are the undisputed kings of social.

While new, flashy social sites are bound to pop up over the course of the New Year, you’ll first want to ensure you master these aforementioned platforms that have proven to bring substantial ROI for marketers worldwide before putting all of your eggs in a new-and-unproven social media basket.

In other words, we advise you resolve to fine-tune your prospecting on these sites before diverting efforts to the “next big thing.”

Similarly, it may be wise to make one of your first priorities in 2014 to comb over your email marketing metrics to see what may need to be adapted or revised.

5) BONUS: Consider a homepage revamp

Although you may have already put in a great deal of time, effort, and resources to making a top-tier homepage, a change in buyer persona could mean it’s time to give it a face lift.

Even if you haven’t altered your persona, it may have been a while since the last time you made sufficient changes to your homepage to account for marketing new products or services, or even rebranding your company.